Get Your AssetfinX Coin today !!!

AFX is intact and secure that is created on Ethereum Blockchain. AssetfinX developed by team of professionals that has worked with multiple Blockchain based projects with global market intelligence.

The platform will hold the benefits of centralised, decentralised, P2P Trading, Wallet & Custodial along with an extension of peer to admin trading facilities.

Main Benefits & Why to Invest AssetfinX Token?

In Assetfinx ecosystem, AssetfinX Coins is designated as an emolument for every active operation like sale, send, offering, gift or any activity performed

    Provides an entry access to actively participate and use the services in all the Ecosystems
    A very low trading fee for all your transactions
    World’s first exchange to provide OctoWill Beneficiary assignment services for your Accounte
    It holds a specific value and has an exchange rates with notable crypto and fiat currencies for the real world association
    The token built with quantum resistant ledger aimed at combating future attacks by quantum computers
    Rewards provided to users accessing this token by daily login as well as by promoting AssetfinX products in their social media platforms as an ambassador

Token Allocation

AFX Specification: Comments
MAX Supply: 50,000,000 -
Initial release: 50,000,00 -
Mintable: Yes Up to 50 Million on yearly basis
Burnable: No -
Yearly Mint: 50,000,00 10% of total supply
Multisig: Yes Mint & Distribution is controlled by Multisig
Special Condition: Yearly Mint Only if previously minted supply in circulation


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